Online Resources for Ham Amateurs

The sources here are updated from time to time and new ones are added if found. If you would like to suggest useful sites please drop me an email or write to the comments area. International sites (English, Italian, etc) International Amateur Radio Union Region1 Related to the […]

Ham Radio DX Callsign Prefix Database & ITU CQ Map

AAA-ALZ: United States AMA-AOZ: Spain APA-ASZ: Pakistan ATA-AWZ: India AXA-AXZ: Australia AYA-AZZ: Argentina A2A-A2Z: Botswana A3A-A3Z: Tonga A4A-A4Z: Oman A5A-A5Z: Bhutan A6A-A6Z: United Arab Emirates A7A-A7Z: Qatar A8A-A8Z: Liberia A9A-A9Z: Bahrain BAA-BZZ: China (BVA-BVZ used by Taiwan) CAA-CEZ: Chile CFA-CKZ: Canada CLA-CMZ: Cuba CNA-CNZ: Morocco COA-COZ: Cuba CPA-CPZ: Bolivia CQA-CUZ: Portugal CVA-CXA: Uruguay CYA-CZZ: Canada C2A-C2Z: Nauru C3A-C3Z: Andorra C4A-C4Z: Cyprus C5A-C5Z: The Gambia C6A-C6Z: Bahamas C7A-C7Z: World Meteorological Organization C8A-C9Z: Mozambique DAA-DRZ: Germany DSA-DTZ: South Korea DUA-DZZ: Philippines D2A-D3Z: Angola D4A-D4Z: Cape Verde Islands D5A-D5Z: Liberia […]