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Communication With Amateur Satellites & ISS

Theoretically, there are hundreds of satellites orbiting the sky with an orbit height of 200-2000 km from the earth, and each of them moves in orbit for different purposes. Among these satellites, there are some amateur communication satellites thrown into space for us amateurs. Most of the amateur communication satellites in this class have orbital altitudes between 350-1600 km.

Most of these amateur communication satellites have linear transponder units with a communication mode such as FM, CW, SSB, PSK31. Most have bidirectional transponders, repeater systems. In other words, they transmit the radio signals coming from the earth back to the earth from the other transponder.

Satellite Tracking

We radio amateurs are generally interested in satellites with linear transponders and FM cross-band repeaters. We can communicate with people in a wide geography through these satellites while passing over us. These satellites pass over your geography once or twice every day.

While communication with FM cross-band satellites is possible even with a simple Baofeng UV-5R and yagi antenna, LSB / USB-capable radios will be required to communicate with satellites with linear transponders.

Amateur satellites and ISS suitable for FM cross-band repeater communication

FM Satellites

Amateur satellites with linear transponders

Sample videos of communication with amateur satellites: Video1 Video2 Video3

Uyduların bulunduğunuz yer üzerinizden ne zaman geçeceğini tahmin eden masaüstü ve mobil uygulamaları veya web siteleri bulunmaktadır. Masaüstü uygulaması olarak ücretiz Orbitron önerebilirim. Mobil uygulama olarak Amateur Satellite Tracker olarak aratırsanız bolca uygulama var. Ancak cüzi bir fiyata sahip profesyonel bir uygulama olan ISS Detector uygulamasını tavsiye ederim (amatör uydu takip modülü ücretli). Webden takip için tıklayın.

There are desktop and mobile applications or websites that predict when the satellites will pass over your location. As a desktop application, I can recommend Orbitron for free. If you search for Amateur Satellite Tracker as a mobile application, there are plenty of applications. However, I recommend the ISS Detector mobile application, which is a professional application with a small price (amateur satellite tracking module paid). Click here for web tracking.

The websites we recommend about amateur satellites
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