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uBitx Raduino Flashing New Firmware – Howto Guide

Updates (20.02.2019)

  • Added uBitx v5 boards firmware download link
  • Added EEPROM Cleaner sketch (Strongly recommended when upgrading the firmware)

If you come here to make some improvements on your uBitx rig we assume you already know about the uBitx. Right. Basically it is the QRP HF General Coverage Transceiver you can build. More info about uBitx can be found at HF Signals Web Page

Here we will show how you can upgrade your uBitx rig (or flash a new firmware) using the stock or 3rd party firmware. We will take famous 3rd party CEC firmware from Hamskey here as an example along with stock firmware by Hf Signals.

Well, I’m using Mac computer here, so I believe everything I’ve done here is performed similarly in Windows computers. In fact using the hex file generated by HF Signals and KD8CEC (CEC firmware author) to upgrade uBitx is easier way, however you may want to upload the firmware from source file or you may not know howto upload hex file into the your uBitx Radiuno.


  • Arduino Uno and USB Mini cable (If you’re not experienced on Arduino things I suggest don’t use original Arduino board on the Radiuno, get a new one unsoldered from AliexpressAmazon US, or local store. I suggest the one with quartz ceramic resonator and if possible micro USB port. Traditional ones (including stock Raduino one) use mini USB which is old fashioned. Micro USB cables are commonly used with Android devices. Be aware that Nano pins on the Radiuno soldered on the opposite side. Solder the pins in direction of the original nano pins.

Firmware Upgrade

Step -1

  • Install Arduino IDE application
  • Install CH340 driver (or Install FTDI driver if it has FTDI chip)


In this step we will clear the EEPROM data on Radiuno. In this case, all settings will be erased and reset to factory settings.

Extract the EEPROM Cleaner ZIP file you downloaded.

Open the EpromCleaner.ino file with Arduino IDE application and connect USB cable to Radiuno, then upload to the Radiuno using the Upload button.


Unzip firmware file and make sure folder name is same with main Arduino file. See following picture for folder structure.

  • For CEC firmware folder name should be ubitx_20
  • For original (stock) firmware folder name should be ubitx_v4.3_code


Now double click on ubitx_20.ino for CEC firmware, ubitx_v4.3_code.ino for stock firmware to open Arduino files in Arduino IDE editor. Alternatively start Arduino IDE app and load the .ino file.

You will see following files loaded in your Arduino IDE editor depending on which firmware you’ve selected.

Step-5 Arduino IDE settings

  • Connect your Arduino Nano with USB cable to your any of USB ports.
  • Watch following video for proper settings for Arduino Nano board in Arduino IDE. You should first select Arduino Nano in Tools->Board selection menu, then other related options will appear. (Selecting the Old Bootloder option is important.

Step-5a Optional step for CEC firmware

As you know CEC firmware is prepared for several LCD display and options. If you would like to use CEC firmware you have to configure ubitx.h file in editor for your LCD type. If you wish to use your uBitx stock LCD (1602) you need to put // at the beginning of Nextion line and remove // in the first line (LCD1602P) on following code.

#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD1602P //LCD mounted on unmodified uBITX (Parallel)
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD1602I //I2C type 16 x 02 LCD
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD1602I_DUAL //I2C type 16 x02 LCD Dual
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD2004P //24 x 04 LCD (Parallel)
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD2004I //I2C type 24 x 04 LCD

Step-6 Upload

Everything should be OK now. Stay on ubitx_20 sketch tab and upload the firmware to Arduino Nano board.

Just click on upload button and you will see blinking led on your Arduino Nano board. Just wait until upload finished.


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