What is QRP?

The abbreviation QRP is actually one of the acronym Q codes used in amateur radio. QRP means “please reduce power“. Today, QRP means to operate using low power, and a ham is said to be operating QRP when his CW output power is 5 watts or less or his SSB output is 10 watts or less.

Here, antenna type or quality is not an indicator. The goal is to show what you can do with low power. Of course a good antenna will make your work easier.

Well, let’s say you have a 100W HF device. We call HF because the QRP job is usually HF experience. It can be normal or morse type conversation. Why use the device at 5W or less when you have to operate the device at full power and make a booming QSO? The answer is very simple: Experience and skill !! Can there be anything as enjoyable as making QSO with 5W, especially in contest or long distances?

The following frequency table can be used for QRP.

Band CW/Morse Voice
160m 1810 kHz 1910 kHz
1843 kHz
80m 3560 kHz 3985 kHz
3690 kHz
60m 5346.5 kHz (Ch2)
40m 7030 kHz 7090 kHz
7122 kHz 7285 kHz
30m 10106 kHz
10116 kHz
20m 14060 kHz 14285 kHz
17m 18096 kHz 18130 kHz
15m 21060 kHz 21285 kHz
21385 kHz
12m 24906 kHz 24950 kHz
10m 28060 kHz 28365 kHz
28385 kHz
6m 50096 kHz 50185 kHz
2m 144060 kHz 144285 kHz

Italics and bold frequencies are especially preferred frequencies in Europe.

How can I start QRP, where to start?

First you must be a good listener before making QRP calls. Then, if your device power is 5W or above, change the output power from the settings to the QRP level and try to make a QRP with CQ call at a clean frequency with a nearby station.

Once you have some experience, you can create your own device to make a QRP. With some components sold in the Internet (eg http://www.qrpkits.com or https://qrpguys.com), you can create your own QRP transceiver device. Nowadays HF Signals µBITX/BITX40 kits are popular.

You can then join the QRP contests and join the following QRP events.

Organisation Web site
Adventure Radio Society www.arsqrp.blogspot.com
eHam.net QRP forums www.eham.net/ehamforum/smf/index.php/board,23.0.html
GQRP Club www.gqrp.com
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